Now only delicious recipes on paper turned into a real kitchen, not space. Hectic pace of everyday life, in the limited time spent at home in the new meeting point. Parents work, when children return from school, reached the venue to enjoy being a family. For homeowners who love the friendly hospitality, a warm environment in which to socialize with the guests of one hand. Kitchen, shaped a new understanding, a new living space.

Different needs, different cuisines are creating. Seeing it as a hobby chef to cook at home, opening the door to new flavors behind an environment that you want to enjoy every moment. Heavy work load in just a little to the ones who have time for a morning coffee break, practical solutions to make life easier in the kitchen, I would imagine. Make a list of needs is often not enough. You will turn into a real kitchen that list and in doing so will produce residential spaces on the solutions need an expert. Just offering you a special kitchen as Arteniv Kitchen…


A good plan

In fact, a little different from decorating magazines. The desired page on your kitchen counter to trim your eye, it may be appropriate to the conditions of living space and. The kitchen staff of expert architects Arteniv so there. Even in the most unlikely places to generate creative solutions and options to the user to provide the most accurate ... If you are planning something for your kitchen, Kitchen Arteniv meet with the architects. Their specific to you, you will see that there is a good plan.

First health

Arteniv kitchen hygiene is very important in this venue is keeping in the forefront of your health. According to European standards, human health and the use of friendly materials, as well as factors that increase the detail in practice Arteniv hygiene in the kitchen.

From dream to reality

Which takes place on computer drawings, venues of your future as a genuine detection and ideal for you to clarify all your questions. Our team of experienced architects, a constantly updated Program With Arteniv Kitchen Drawings and 3D design and color of your kitchen when your karfşı you will agree with us.

Multiple choice

Different tastes, different needs ... there is a place for everyone in the kitchen Artaniv. Here you select the best format and it reflects the highest level of cuisine to avail any kind of aesthetic detail was considered. Just specify the design not only cover different models, you have to choose from a variety of surfaces and color alternatives. With different handle options make the finishing touches to your kitchen in your hands again.

User friendly with

Your pot of spaghetti into one unit long will you need? Your toaster every morning where you can put up with off the shelf bother to get on the bench? Arteniv containing any function in the kitchen there is a solution to your problem. The main inspiration for our design team user needs; areas of expertise that is responsive to the user with practical solutions to create the kitchen ...

Ergonomics and efficiency

Not only when choosing, since while using up your house. The efficiency of the time spent in the kitchen is important to us and we know that everyone's needs are different. When you meet with the kitchen Arteniv alternative solutions, to explore the importance we give to ergonomics, the pure pleasure of time you have spent in the kitchen will fold. Height cabinets and countertops in a kitchen that determine the thickness of the work yourself, even though what do you think?

Below you can see through the simple practice recommendations Arteniv Mutfak'ı can use your pleasures for many years.

Before you start to use your kitchen…

  1. Water leaking into your water supply and accumulation of water on the kitchen surfaces be sure to check whether.
  2. Paint, parquet polish, varnish, solvents such as material transactions with both metal parts of kitchen furniture as well as the cover can damage the surface. Therefore, these ingredients work to be done prior to installation of kitchen furniture to make sure.
  3. Do any operation on your furniture Arteniv our Customer Service employees authorized service must be done by check. Our authorized service outside of the intervention is out of warranty do not forget.
  4. You certainly do not interfere with the electric components for furniture. All operations can be performed by an authorized service Arteniv kitchen.

When using your kitchen…

  1. Cover hinges allowing movement of the cover has been designed to carry the load. When using careful not to put weight on.
  2. For pin racks and shelves were designed to carry 30 kg load. Before placing shelves Please consider this limit.
  3. Caskets of 120 70 kg, other sizes are capable of carrying 40 kg drawers.
  4. Please do use the paddle box.
  5. Cover trash cans mounted on the press to compact the trash when full.
  6. Operating and maintenance instructions that came with the furniture store of your device.

When cleaning your kitchen…

  1. While cleaning the kitchen, especially at home, after attaching the silicon material used for waterproofing certainly from where to remove.
  2. Sink as conforming to the definition of material maintenance procedures you perform.
  3. January region do you get protected with aluminum foil.
  4. Wooden cutlery eyes definitely do not wash with water or in a dishwasher.
  5. Do not put wet plates on wooden shelves.
  6. Surfaces in contact with water in order to avoid the stain dry cloth to do.
  7. Kitchen furniture on the powder and cream cleaners use.
  8. Steel surfaces should be cleaned with steel polish special at certain intervals.

You should not care about the different materials…

  1. Repair of damage to the laminate surface that comes to the surface of the counter for use as a cutting surface. This other hard surfaces and protect them from sharp objects.
  2. Painted surfaces must be kept away from the cutting and piercing objects.
  3. Wood surfaces, bleach Protect from sunlight because of the influence.
  4. Steel surfaces are susceptible to scratches and bumps. These surfaces come into contact with acids or sea water careful not to.
  5. Adhesive tape to cover your kitchen.
  6. Painted and polished surface with a cover for the protection stretch film for a long time found damage Please note that removal of the cover.

Below you can see through the simple practice recommendations Arteniv Mutfak'ı can use your pleasures for many years.


  1. Should not be used as a cutting surface countertop surface.
  2. Remove from heat or hot bottom cups certainly should not be contacted directly on the countertop.
  3. Surfaces, hard or sharp objects should be avoided coup.
  4. Bench joints, skirting the edge of the kitchen sink and the water should be protected as much as possible. Any accumulation of water on the bench in place should be avoided.
  5. Under bench tops and cheeks and sides of the doors must be protected from water, if water contact should be established as soon as possible if it is realized.
  6. Terms of not stain surfaces in contact with water should be established if the cloth to do.


  1. Certainly for cleaning abrasive, acidic and powder cleaners should not be used.
  2. Very moist or moisture-free environment (ideally 18-21 ° C ambient temperature and relative humidity is 50-70%) will damage the coating, these issues must be indicated in the order process. If not specified, this issue must be reported immediately to our company.
  3. Cover surface and above the further water collecting inside the housing should be prevented in sidewalls; If you contact with water should be established as soon as possible.
  4. Surfaces must be protected from bumps and scratches. Only minor damage can be done for the retouching process.

Important Note: Wood surfaces must be protected from direct sunlight due to effects bleach.


  1. Because stainless steel surfaces in any way into contact with acid or salt water should be avoided (eg bleach, ammonia cleaners). If a contact is present should be cleaned thoroughly with clean water immediately.
  2. Steel surfaces are susceptible to scratches and bumps. Small scratches can be covered with steel cake. However touches the grinding effect is lost in the region.
  3. Handles often for decorative purposes is coated with electrolysis plating method. Very frequently, and if deleted by improper cleaning material there is a risk that removal of the coating.
  4. Powder cleaners should not be used.

Important Note: Do not touch the stainless steel surfaces and handles acids as a result of the small surface corrosion will occur.


  1. Absolutely powder and cream cleaners should not be used.
  2. Painted surfaces should be kept away from cutting and piercing objects.
  3. Undercut and well, the tops of the doors and cheeks should be protected from water, if water contact should be established as soon as possible if it is realized.

Important Note: The painted surface is less than that of the scratch resistance of the laminate.